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What is Optiseller?

Optiseller is a platform that improves the distribution and quality of data used to list or sell merchandise across multiple online channels.

We provide sellers, brands, partners and marketplaces with the tools and knowledge to monitor, control and grow their businesses. Whether you need raw data, additional data feeds or the tools to handle them we can provide both bespoke and off the shelf solutions.

In the world of big data, success or failure depends on the quality of your information. If your approach to sales is data driven then we can help you make that data accurate, clean and consistent.

Why use Optiseller?

Data is the foundation for any business selling merchandise online, if you get it wrong you’re limiting success from the outset. Not only does it result in a poorer customer experience but it costs time and money.

Rapid growth can often mean data in separate silos and disconnected data is a barrier to omnichannel, voice search, AI and many other eCommerce opportunities. Optiseller can solve that problem for you.

The platform requires no integration to start working with and setup is simple and fast. For larger organisations, there is the option to integrate via API or build your own APP.

Who uses Optiseller?

Optiseller brings value to retailers, brands and every business involved in selling merchandise online at all points in the supply chain, including vendors, suppliers and industry associations.

Data drives business decisions and Optiseller makes data available quickly, easily and consistently in formats that work for you. Whether you’re a large brand or manufacturer looking to understand your sales funnel, a retailer managing hundreds to millions of SKUs across multiple channels, an industry body looking to distribute data across thousands of members, Optiseller takes the hard work out of data management.

Who are Optiseller?

We’re passionate about providing scalable solutions for an omnichannel future. Our core leadership team have driven the launch & growth of over 600 eCommerce stores across a broad range of platforms and marketplaces.

We’ve taken the lessons learned from working with some of the world’s largest retailers to create eCommerce solutions and tools to provide performance and content data to help grow your online presence and sales.

Optiseller is an arm of dynamic technology consultancy Developing IT which has worked with some of the world’s largest retailers, as well as with largest global eCommerce marketplaces including eBay & Amazon, amongst many others.

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