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  1. Optiseller – Now Harnessing The Power Of GS1 UK Cloud

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    Optiseller CEO Craig MacCallum was a special guest at this week’s GS1 Global Forum 2018 in Brussels. Craig was present to announce new Optiseller functionality which enables eBay sellers to ensure the GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers) for all their listings are completely accurate.

    Starting immediately, Optiseller allows sellers to check GTINs across all eBay listings against the industry standard ‘GS1 UK Cloud’ without any manual effort. This is done via the ‘Optiseller eBay Store Performance Dashboard’. As well as providing a review of listings versus marketplace policy guidelines, best practice and key performance metrics, this Dashboard now also allows users to export for updating, the listing IDs of SKUs with incorrect or missing GTINs.  This service has already been made available to all current dashboard subscribers at no additional cost, and new subscribers will automatically have access to these features as part of their service. Also available from today is a dedicated GS1 report that provides details on why a GTIN has been identified as being incorrect!

    This week’s exciting announcement also included details of further advances to come in this area from Optiseller at the end of March when it will be possible to complete the circle, with the ability to source GTINS directly from GS1 via Optiseller for any listings that need them.

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  2. FMCG News – Jan ’18

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    What considerations should there be for retailers and suppliers surrounding the approach and aftermath of Black Friday?