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Grow eBay sales & ensure product authenticity with accurate GTINs.

GTINs (Global Trade Items Numbers) created by GS1 are the numbers you see beneath barcodes on items sold around the world. eBay is now using these same numbers as product identifiers enabling sellers to correctly classify products, improve search rankings and reassure buyers the products are genuine and authentic.

Our partnership with GS1 helps you to manage your GTIN data.

  • The Optiseller eBay Store Performance Dashboard checks your listings against the GS1 database
  • You’ll be able to quickly see how many listings have GTINs and how many are valid
  • To help correct errors you can download a file with the ID’s of all affected listings

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What is Optiseller?

Optiseller is a platform that improves the distribution and quality of data used to list or sell merchandise across multiple online channels.

We provide sellers, brands, partners and marketplaces with the tools and knowledge to monitor, control and grow their businesses. Whether you need raw data, additional data feeds or the tools to handle them we can provide both bespoke and off the shelf solutions.